Game A Week 1

Adriel Wallick’s wonderful post-mortem about her Game A Week experiment inspired me to try it out.

Week 1

Idea: How many games of pong can a human play at once.

What went right: 1) Unity, I got it up and running fairly fast with very little code. 2) You can play it.

What went wrong: 1) Work got busy and I had to put in some overtime. This reduced the energy and time I could put into the game. 2) I also ran into troubles with Unity’s 2D physics and spent a fair amount of time fiddling with it.

What I learned: I need to either match the idea I pick with Unity features I already understand, or accommodate “research” time when considering the viability an idea if it needs a feature or area of Unity I haven’t used before.

Feelings: Anger, Hate, Frustration, Disappointment, Helplessness, Guilty, Embarrassed, Let down


2 thoughts on “Game A Week 1

  1. wait, you can play it! You can play it! We should have some positive feelings here!!! Maybe just a little half smile, at least! You started rhis crazy game a week thing in the first place, that’s awesome already. and really, isn’t learning more tech stuff about making games 1/2 the reason you do this? I think the other half is to improve your non tech aspects like your imagination and fun sense…. ? I think, damn, kick ass, dude!!!

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