October Challenge Released

I’ve put Stacker up for sale: here.

I’m a little embarrassed that it isn’t in better shape, and only has four levels. I’ll be improving in time, but for now I’m just happy it is done. Here are a few obstacles I had to over come to get it even to this point:

Outside Forces
1. On Sunday, October 24th my apartment was flooded! Apparently, a hot water heater a few floors above me failed and water flowed into mine (and 14 other) apartment unabated for about 9 hours. Naturally it affected the area my workspace is setup, so I had to move everything to a dry safe area. I only got things back together late Wed night. So, that’s was a few days I was not able to get any work done.

2. The last few days I had family in town, so I didn’t get much done.

Internal Forces
3. I’m art skills are awful. There came a point in development a couple weeks ago where I started hating my boring visuals and this de-motivated me. Made me even question the entire project. I couldn’t get myself to move forward on my levels because I kept trying to make them look better instead of play better. The little critic in my head kept saying no one is going to like it because it so boring looking! I lost two Saturdays to this issue by procrastinating. I played a lot of SillySoft’s new game Castle Vox.

4. 3D visuals! This is connected to the issue above. Usually I stick to 2D visuals and dealing with textures, etc was all new. It made it hard for me to get things to look nice. I need to hire an artist!

5. Reddit.com, unfortunately, I’ve made a habit of jumping to Reddit.com from time to time as a mental break, which it is great for, but it leads to never ending, “Ooo… what’s that… click… Ooooo… what’s that…” repeat over and over and over. So, yeah… I need to stop going there maybe.

Pretty Target

I created a nice visual target, literally, to aim for. It took me a little bit of time to figure out how to visually display the target separate from the collision mesh. Including, a slow walk down a lane called Child-Parent Scripting Confusion. But, now it is functional.

October Challenge Progress 10/8
October Challenge Progress 10/8

Next Action: Level Two
Total Hours To Date: 18.25

October Challenge Progress:Now with Red Lettering

It was a real fight tonight getting the “Win” to be displayed nicely and in red. Took me a while to understand the relationship between the GUIText and a font material. Brother, sure wish I had figured it out faster.

Stacker Progress 10/7
Stacker Progress 10/7

On the business hat side of things I discovered that PayPal now has a microtransation option to their pricing structure and signed up. I have my reservations about the trustworthiness of PayPal after all the stories I’ve heard, but this will be my best option if I price Stacker at $1 like I was thinking.

Next Action: Some sort of visualization for the target area you are building the tower to.
Total Hours To Date: 15.75

October Challenge Progress Report #2

A small step forward.  Worked on getting the win condition to trigger.

Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/6
Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/6

The trigger is firing, but I need to animated the target zone and the fact that you’ve hit it.  The text looks awful too.

I also got some business hat things done as well: signed up for Intel’s AppUp Developer whosywhatisit, Google Checkout thingy and a couple offical business forms with my county.  Can you believe you have to file for a permit to do work in your own home!?!  What is America coming too?  Anyways… tired… must sleep.

Total Hours To Date: 13.75

October Challenge Progress Report #1

I’ve made some serious progress tonight.

Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/5
Stacker Progress Screenshot 10/5

I’ve gotten the basics now working in Unity:

  • Yellow Blocks
  • Physics and stacking
  • Mouse position determines place of new block

I like the 3D-ness the block have now, even though the gamer is interacting purely in a 2D fashion.

Total hours so far: 11.5  This probably means that I’m already ahead of the LD12 pace.