PODS Problems, Reputation Down

I’ve been ridiculously busy packing and moving. I think the hard part is over now. I’ve finished packing up and moving out of my place in Falls Church, VA. I’ve driven me and my cats to Burlington, VT (10 hour drive with whining Cats… Aaaaaaaaaaa!) Now I just need my stuff to show up in Burlington!

It actually been quite the pain in the you know what. I made the mistake of using the PODS Enterprises, Inc.: Portable On Demand Storage. It seemed like a good idea at the time because I could do my packing over a couple weeks instead of the three days that all the other options required. But it turns out the company’s customer service is awful. The first big problem is they won’t deliver to my apartment, for unexplained reasons the Burlington area of off limits. So instead they are transporting my stuff to the closest warehouse which is in Schenectady, NY. So I have to figure out how to haul it the rest of the way myself… Uggg.

To make matters worst the PODS Enterprises doesn’t understand how to make delivery schedules. I asked them to transport my pod so that I could access it on July 7th. They do not understand this and instead are planning to deliver my pod to warehouse that day but won’t let me make an appointment to access it because they don’t know exactly when it will arrive! I’ve called and complained several times now and no one will do anything about this massive mistake. I’ve also been hung up on twice, and sent to the “leave a message” recording countless times.

In conclusion I regret having used the PODS Company very much.