Blog move done, and a little sketching.

Sketching game screens.
Sketching Star Screen/Map

I finished the last important details on moving my blog here. I still have a backlog of old posts to move, but there is no rush for now. I’ll just move one each day until they are all moved.

I have to say I’m dang happy with how it has turned out. There are still a few things here and there I’d like to do, but I’m really trying to identify the important things, get them done and move on. Otherwise, I’ll keep making little improvements and never get any work done on my game!

It is shaping up to be a great weekend. I did some thinking and sketching about the way the main screen (star screen) for Alien Sovereign will look. Please, no snickers on my drawing ability. They are really rough. Even worst than normal because I used my new toy: a pen tablet. I’m surprised how well it actually works for me. Now, I just need to learn the power of Photoshop.