Surprise in my stocking from Garage Games

I’m sure you heard that Microsoft released XNA Game Studio Express yesterday. What you might not have heard was Garage Games also released an open beta for Torque X. The big surprise is if you own a license to Torque Game Builder COMMERCIAL, Torque Game Builder Pro – INDIE or Torque Game Builder Pro – COMMERCIAL you now own Torque X! If you aren’t one of those lucky people you can still download a 30 day trial version to check it out.

Here’s where I point out that Garage Games has gotten a little too punchy with the different flavors of its products. It is confusing enough that there are now four different engines. But now there are different VERSIONS of the engines!?! Do you want Torque Game Engine 1.4 or 1.5??? Then you add the layer of licenses, are you a Professional Indie or just a Professional Commercial the one that does not have the word Indie in it? AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So maybe you hadn’t heard of Torque X before. It is basically a mash-up of XNA and Torque Game Builder. Imagine using a game engine that let’s you program in C# and deploy your games to the PC and Xbox 360! Crazy cool! It’s the game engine you thought you got with XNA!

Here’s a handy bullet list of features:

New starter kit Tank Buster
The “Pro” version includes source code. That should be interesting.
A Shader 2.0 based material system by lighting Guru John Kabus
All the tools from Torque Game Builder: Tile Builder, Particle Builder, Level Builder, GUI Builder and Packaging Utility
NO TorqueScript WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!
Tips & Hints:

Oh and just in case you don’t realize this all works with the XNA Game Studio Express, Torque X isn’t a stand alone product.
Currently isn’t working with 64-bit Windows
TorqueScript Gui files cannot be loaded in TorqueX
Can’t commercially sell on the Xbox 360, yet.
XNA Creator’s Club membership is required to run your Torque X games on an Xbox 360

Day of Infamy

This day 65 years ago a great armada of ships slipped into range of the US’s Pacific Fleet Headquarters in Pearl Harbor, O’ahu, Hawaii and began what President Roosevelt called a “Day of Infamy.” It was commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo of Japan’s Imperial Navy and made up of:
6 aircraft carriers
2 battleships
3 cruisers
9 destroyers
8 fuel and supply tankers
28 submarines (5 where midget submarines)
441 planes

On Dec. 7, 1941 at 7:53 am Hawaii Time the slaughter began:
Battleship Arizona – un-recovered, remains now a Battle Memorial
Battleship Oklahoma– raise, abandoned
Battleship Utah – un-recovered
Battleship California – raised, refitted and returned to action
Battleship West Virginia – raised, refitted and returned to action
Battleship Nevada – beach, refitted and returned to action
Battleship Maryland – repaired and returned to action
Cruiser Helen – repaired, and returned to action
Cruiser Raleigh – repaired, and returned to action
Cruiser Honolulu – repaired and returned to action
Destroyer Cassin– un-recovered
Destroyer Downes – un-recovered
Destroyer Shaw – raised, refitted and returned to action
2 Destroyers in dry dock – un-recovered
Minelayer Oglala – damaged, and returned to action
Repair vessel Vestal – beached
Seaplane tender Curtiss – damaged, and returned to action
188 American aircraft – destroyed
2,389 Americans – dead
1,178 Americans – wounded

The following men received the Medal of Honor:
Mervyn S. Bennion (posthumously)
John William Finn
Francis C. Flaherty (posthumously)
Samuel G. Fuqua
Edwin J. Hill (posthumously)
Herbert C. Jones (posthumously)
Isaac C. Kidd (posthumously)
Jackson C. Pharris
Thomas J. Reeves (posthumously)
Donald K. Ross
Robert R. Scott (posthumously)
Peter Tomich (posthumously)
Franklin van Valkenburgh (posthumously)
James R. Ward (posthumously)
Cassin Young

World War II went on to claim the lives over 60 million people.

War is not always your choice.

Will Wright on the Colbert Report

Will Wright appeared on the Colbert Report last night. A kind netizen has posted the segment on Google Video. Mr. Wright does a great job and even managed to gets Colbert laughing a little. I’ve seen Mr. Wright speak twice in person and it is always a treat, this format is no different. My favorite part is when the start talking Spore as a God sim.