June 8th, 2004

Feeling pretty sick today, must have caught some bug, but I finished the code reorganizing I started yesterday. It may seem like just procrastination, but I wanted all the engine code in one assembly (was two). I also realized that I have another category of code I want to keep in it’s own namespace. I am calling this new namespace Library. So my engine now has three parts Graphics, Framework, and Library. I also took all the NUnit tests out of the class’ they test and put them into their own project. It makes the engine more portable and I can access all the namespaces in the testing area without opening up a backdoor in the engine. Next I need to break the bindings between a couple classes that are in the Framework but access the directx device. The whole idea of a Graphics namespace was to keep display specific stuff out of the Framework!!! I also started a new solution I’m calling the Sandbox. Every time I run into trouble understanding how some class works I’m going to create a project in which to experiment with it. Hopefully this will increase my understanding and build a sort of “snippet” library.

June 1, 2004

Got the portal code all organized today and into the Vault, thanks SourceGear. It was a bugger because the Visual Studio 2003 got confused about the virtual directory. But I figured out that with web projects the hosts address is stored in the .csproj.webinfo file which you can edit to fix the problem. I think next I’ll work on a pic gallery tool.