Did you say, “Make a game with C#?”

Been doing a lot of research and work lately! Feeling great about my progress. I found some resources and technology I’m really excited about and it has helped me stave off the procrastination bug.

I watched a .Net Show espisode called Managed DirectX with Tom Miller over at Microsoft and it made me seriously consider writing my game in C# using the new DirectX 9. Why you ask?

1. A performance hit of only 93% for using the .Net Framework
2. A well organized class library
3. C# is very similar to C++ which I already know
4. Chance to develop in cutting edge technology
5. Mono: Ximian’s project porting .Net to Linux

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

I found a great tutorial using both technologies at kuhnstall and finished them on Monday. Now I’m writing my first basic 2D graphics engine. It has been a challenge, but a lot of fun and I’ve had no trouble sitting down and getting solid work done.

Philip Ludington aka Mr. Phil is a computer programmer who dreams of making computer games for a living, but is highly prone to procastination.